Muno Chirovamavi’s visit inspires Schuylerville students

Muno Chrovamavi, students and Principal Katie ElsworthSchuylerville Middle and High school students are eager to take action following a visit from Rev. Muno Chirovamavi on Friday, Nov. 7. Chirovamavi is a project manager for To Love A Child, a nonprofit organization based in Clifton Park. To Love A Child provides humanitarian assistance to impoverished children and their families throughout Haiti and Zimbabwe.

Chirovamavi spoke to students in grades 7-9 about the culture, government, environment and everyday life in Africa. He showed the students pictures of his village in Zimbabwe, and talked about what living conditions are like, the availability of clean drinking water, the school for orphans, and some of the widows that his organization helps.

“This experience was a tremendous opportunity for our students to learn cultural differences and promote empathy and tolerance, as well as incite global curiosity,” social studies teacher Erin Lloyd said.

Muno ChirovamaviBefore Chirovamavi’s visit, students spent some time learning about the history of Zimbabwe and the resources of the region. They also wrote down questions they wanted to ask Chirovamavi.

“Students in each of my six classes sat spellbound and fully intrigued by this gentle man with a warm smile and friendly laugh,” global studies teacher Laura Lewis said. “They not only listened intently, but they also asked all sorts of wonderful questions. They truly seemed in awe of this man who works so hard to bring food, education, joy and love to the lives of the orphaned children.”

Several students expressed interest in learning more about the To Love A Child organization and were eager to do something to help.

“Having someone visit and share stories of the dire situation in Zimbabwe seems to have made a lasting impression on our students,” Lewis said. “We haven’t figured out exactly how we’ll be helping out, but I have no doubt that we will be doing something to try and make a difference.”