Middle school students get lesson on making better choices

Healthy Visions educator Dean Kirker poses with students
Healthy Visions educator Dean Kirker poses with students

Schuylerville Middle School students are giving rave reviews to “Healthy Visions,” a weeklong program that visited the school Sept. 22-26.

The program, taught by Cincinnati-based teen-focused educator Dean Kirker, focused on helping teenagers make better choices and build stronger relationships.

Seventh graders spent one period each day attending Healthy Visions presentations that covered self-image, technology, choices, relationships, goal-setting, cyber bullying and social media reputations. Sixth graders took part in a one-day presentation that centered on stopping bullying.
After Kirker delivered his final message to seventh grade students, they completed feedback forms about the program. Their comments were overwhelmingly positive and supportive:

  • “I loved this program. It really impacted me when I heard about all the photo shopping. I believe that this program helped my self-esteem a lot. Also, I loved how it wasn’t just some guy talking. He was young and funny. I would love to see this back in our school.”
  • “I think Healthy Visions did impact me because I had a lot of laughs and when we talked about technology and how to be safe that really opened my eyes on how scary people are and that you don’t want to be too exposed on the internet.”
  • “Healthy Visions was awesome! I got a double dose of Dean. Healthy Visions has to come back to Schuylerville!”
  • “I really liked the Healthy Visions presentation. It was different than most presentations because it was more relatable and fun.”
  • “I believe that this program should be encouraged. In Schuylerville, Dean was amazing and he knows what he talks about. Dean took learning to a whole new level in a good way. Please BRING DEAN BACK!”
  • “Healthy Visions impacted me extremely. My life was going downhill pretty fast until Dean Kirker put me on the path of learning the correct way of life. I hope to see Dean and Erin Kirker next year!”
  • “Healthy Visions reminded me of what it takes to be a good person and how to do it. I don’t believe anything needs to be changed from the program.”
  • “I thought that Healthy Visions was very helpful. Healthy Visions impacted me quite a bit. I wouldn’t change anything about the program. The information was great and understandable. I would definitely do it again!”