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Middle School lip sync & eighth grade awards

Schuylerville Middle School students gathered on the last day of school to participate in the annual lip sync battle. As part of the event, the eighth grade awards were handed out. See the list below for the award recipients.

Eighth Grade Awards:
  •  Math Wiz on the Black Team: Makenzie Harrington
  • Math Wiz on the Orange Team: Caitlin Keating
  • Alegebra Wiz: Rebecca Brandt
  • Outstanding Student in Social Studies for the Black Team: Victoria Cooper
  • Outstanding Student in Social Studies for the Orange Team: Jeffrey Long
  • Outstanding Student in Science for the Black Team: Abigail Beaulac
  • Outstanding Student in Science for the OrangeTeam: Margaret Schwartz
  • Outstanding student in Earth Science: Connor Hart
  • Outstanding Student in Spanish I: Tara Murphy
  • Outstanding Student in French: Aubrey French
  • Most Artistic: Abigail Caron
  • Outstanding Musician: Megan Stadel
  • Survivor: Brielle Burke
  • Most improved for the Black Team: Emily Walbroehl
  • Most improved for the Orange Team: Olivia Murphy
  • Best Smile: Sadie Tavares
  • Most Laid Back: Conagher Blackwood
  • Best Friend to everyone: Ryan Peck
  • Class Bookworm: Chloe Bartholomew
  • Computer Expert: Sam Badali
  • Best negotiator: Anthony Kelly
  • Class Storyteller: Christopher Hanna
  • Most dependable: Anna Belden
  • Team Player: Alexandria Roberson
  • Most Thoughtful & Considerate: Allison Peek
  • Quietest Worker: Elizabeth Goodspeed
  • Most organized: Sarah McMahon
  • Most School Sprit: Theodore Schwerd
  • Most individualistic: Willow Greene
  • Most Creative: Jay Maderic
  • Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Eliza Barton
  • Most Helpful: Taylor Petroski
  • Most Conscientious: Ava Brophy
  • Best Manners: Jane Yates
  • Behavior Superstar: Emily Navarra
  • Most Inquisitive: Zachary Bowen
  • Class Comedian: Owen Sherman