LEGO Robotics completes third year, receives community support

Students in LEGO Robotics LEGO Robotics just finished its third year of fall and spring sessions at Schuylerville Elementary School. The program, designed for students ages six to nine, introduces STEM concepts using LEGO elements and motors. This past year, the program introduced more robotic elements, including sensors and programming. The goal of LEGO Robotics is to get students to learn, explore and apply these concepts to real-world scientific problems, such as recycling, or the journey of water, while being guided by adult coaches. Students end the program by presenting their research, model design and model to their peers, family and friends.

“Having started this to help inspire my kids in STEM three years ago, I am now looking to continue their growth by starting the next level of the program, FIRST LEGO League,” said Director Eran Swears. “In this second level of the national FIRST program, students will program LEGO Mindstorms robots to automatically solve puzzles in a timed obstacle course.”

The program has seen significant community support since it began with continued sponsorship from Kitware Inc. in Clifton Park, Schuylerville American Legion and the Stewarts Holiday Match program. The support from Kitware and the American Legion has allowed the program organizers to cover registration fees and team t-shirts for the final presentation. The Stewarts Holiday Match program has allowed them to add enough WeDo 2.0 kits, so there are two kits per team.

Notifications for team signups are sent electronically beginning the first week of September and the second week of January. Dr. Swears says there are enough students interested for three teams per fall and spring session, but they are in need of more coaches. If interested, please contact Dr. Swears at