K-12 After-School Activities/Athletics Admission Guidelines

Guidelines for attendance

With the return of spectators to campus for the 2021-22 school year, a series of procedures and protocols have been established in an effort to maintain a safe and positive experience for all. One of the most immediate changes is the requirement that elementary and middle school students be accompanied at all times by an adult to enter sporting events. This is in response to an abundance of elementary and middle school students being dropped off at the high school for sporting events. While the district has a number of chaperones at each event, the size of the campus and number of spectators diminish the ability to safely supervise unattended students. This policy will be in effect for all afternoon and evening athletic contests conducted in the athletic stadium and school gymnasiums.

  • All elementary and middle school students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/adult to enter the game.
    • Elementary and middle school students must be with and under the direction of the parent/guardian/adult for the duration of the game. 
  • Children who arrive at the door or gate to a contest without a parent/guardian/adult will be held there until an adult can arrive to either attend with them or take them back home.
  • Students in attendance for an athletic contest are expected to remain at the athletic facility hosting the event. Students are not permitted to travel throughout campus before, during or after a contest.
    • i.e. elementary playground, additional athletic fields, parking lot, behind the buildings. Students must also not engage in activities including bike riding, skateboarding or other unsupervised activities.
  •  Students that do not adhere to the Student/Spectator Code of Conduct while on campus for a contest are subject to disciplinary actions that include, but are not limited to indefinite suspension from campus-related activities.