Jan. 15 letter from Principal Beckett

Dear Schuylerville Elementary School parents/guardians,

We are very pleased with the ability for our doors to remain open for our in-person learners, as well as have the ability to support our remote learners.  The role of our community is critical as we move forward through the next few months!

We want to remind families of in-person learners of some important items to support your child(ren) each day be prepared for school.

  • Students that are absent from school for non-COVID-19 reasons will be supported by teachers just as they always have in the past. In many instances, this will simply involve independent work at home or getting caught up upon their return to school.
  • In-person learners that are out for an extended period of time (three or more days) may participate remotely for COVID-19 related reasons only.  We want to avoid having students bounce back and forth between models of learning in order to preserve consistency and continuity of learning for students and teachers.
  • We are limiting unnecessary visits to the health office. Please keep a change of clothes for your child in their backpack at all times in case of a spill or accident.
  • Masks should be washed daily. Children should come prepared with at least two extra clean, appropriately fitting masks everyday in the event theirs becomes soiled or broken.
  • Please have your child(ren) come dressed for the weather each day (i.e. jacket, hat, gloves, snow pants, and boots).  We will continue to make use of outdoor opportunities as much as possible for recess and physical education. As long as the real-feel temperature is at or above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, students will be going outdoors.
  • Each morning, please take your child’s temperature. Keep your child home if they are not well, even if it is a minor symptom(s). When making decisions about sending your child to school, always act out of an abundance of caution.

Thank you for your cooperation!  Stay well!

Rose Beckett