Information about Regents Exams

Dear Parents and Students,

June is an important testing time for students at Schuylerville High School. NYS Regents exams are quickly approaching. This letter is to provide you and your child with some information to help facilitate the process.
Regents exams are administered under strict testing conditions as mandated by the New York State Education Department. Please be aware of the uniform admission deadlines for morning and afternoon exams. Students taking an 8AM must enter the exam before 10AM. Students taking a 12PM must enter the exam by 2PM. Students who are not present for Regents exams will not be permitted to take the exam during that testing time and will have to wait until the next administration of the exam, as determined by the New York State Education Department. See the ‘Regents Exam Schedule.’

Schuylerville Transportation Department will run the normal bus runs for AM Pick up, 2:18 Dismissal and 3PM Dismissal.
From June 18th to June 25th, Schuylerville Transportation Department will run only 2 buses at 11AM dismissal (following the AM exams).
See the ‘Regents Bus Schedule.’

If your child is scheduled for only a PM exam, you must provide your own transportation or take the AM bus and report to Student Services.

Security Issues
Please be advised that students are not permitted to bring book bags, hats, electronic devices, etc. into the testing area. All cellphones will be collected and stored in a secure area; students can retrieve cellphones after a proctor has collected their exam.

We hope you find this information to be helpful. Please feel free to call Student Services if you have any questions pertaining to the June Regents.