High School Building Team

The Schuylerville High School Building Team or Shared Decision-Making Team is a committee made up of parents, teachers, administrators, non-teaching staff and students who work together to identify and implement improvements to our school. The term “shared decision-making” refers to a model for decision-making in schools that emphasizes both the involvement and meaningful participation of a wide range of stakeholders.

The committee has been in existence since the 1980s and a formal plan was developed in 1994 in accordance with the State Education Commissioner’s regulations. Essentially, the plan provides a framework so that opportunities are afforded to school and community members to participate in decisions about educational issues at the High School level.

What the Group Does

The issues that are subject to planning and decision-making of the Building Team include, but are not limited to those that:

  • Promote a positive school environment;
  • Promote academic goals and expectations;
  • Recommend new curricula;
  • Improve student progress assessment;
  • Promote professional development for the staff;
  • Encourage parental and community involvement;
  • Increase student responsibility and participation;
  • Develop rewards and incentives;
  • Maintain order and discipline;
  • Improve safety and security.Each committee member is responsible to his or her constituent group to communicate relevant and timely information and to bring appropriate concerns and issues from constituent groups to the committee.

Examples of Specific Activities

The issues that are subject to planning and decision-making of the Building Team include, but are not limited to those that:

  • Work to improve the five-week progress report process;
  • Explore opportunities for parental involvement in the school;
  • Administer surveys of students, parents and school personnel;
  • Recognize academic and other student achievement;
  • Contribute to communications through a variety of ways, including school newsletters and Web applications;
  • Support extracurricular programs and activities;
  • Review campus security issues;
  • Examine specific roles for in-school parental activities.In summary, the Shared Decision-Making Team is a group of dedicated individuals who work together to help make our school a better place to learn and grow. It provides a forum for innovative ideas and concerns. The group encourages input from students, parents, teachers and school staff.

Comments, questions and feedback can be sent to Principal James Ducharme. You may also send your comments to: High School Building Team, Schuylerville High School, 14 Spring Street, Schuylerville, NY 12871. Please include your name, address and phone number.