2019-20 High School Yearbook Pick Up

The 2019-2020 Schuylerville High School yearbook is in! Students are invited to pick up their pre-ordered book on Monday, Aug. 10 between 9 a.m and 3 p.m. on campus.

This will be the only opportunity to pick up books; if families are unable to come to campus during the allotted times, they are encouraged to make arrangements with a family or friend. When arriving on campus, please stay to the right, forming a single file line along the sidewalk. Please stay in your vehicles. Look for the tent in front of the high school where Mr. Marvin and Mr. Lefton will be passing out pre-ordered books.

Approximately 60 extra copies of the yearbook will be available for sale at this event for those who did not pre-order. Books are $57. Only exact change in cash or money order can be accepted on the day of the sale.

We ask that students do not congregate or sign yearbooks on campus during the curbside pick up event. Thank you!

Any questions about whether or not a yearbook was pre-ordered can be sent to Mr. Marvin at marvinr@schuylerville.org.