High school students design and produce classroom bowling alley

Student testing out bowling alleySchuylerville High School students in Fred Lefton’s Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) class had some fun with one of their final projects of the year; they designed and produced a classroom bowling alley. Students chose to use the classroom laser engraver to mass produce all of the parts needed to assemble enough bowling pins and bowling balls for a two lane bowling competition to be held in the classroom.

Students used discarded corrugated cardboard paper boxes to produce all of the parts. They designed the parts using CorelDraw templates and learned a number of features related to layout, design and recommended speed and power laser printout settings.

Once all of the templates were produced, students then took turns over the course of two weeks to raster and vector cut out the assigned bowling ball and pin parts on the engraver. Each student took their turn cutting out, gluing and assembling enough parts for the competition.

Students pose with their projects“They did this while balancing the completion of two other required class assigned projects,” Lefton said. “This required students to do a really good job multi-tasking and learning how to manage their time.”

Students then formed two teams. They were required to come up with a team name and a laser engraved team sign due the day of competition. Team King Pin and Team P.C. Master Race set up spread sheets to keep score during the competition.

The event took place over two days, with Team P.C. Master Race being victorious. Each student was able to take home a souvenir bowling pin and the student with the highest score got to take home a bowling ball.

“I am very proud of how hard my students worked and how much they learned as they prepared for this competition,” Lefton said. “It is not often that I am able to cover so many team building skills and technical skills all in one project.”

Lefton hopes to offer this opportunity to his CIM students again next year.