High school art students leave mark with murals – Oct, 2016

Students painting "The Starry Night" muralMore than a dozen Schuylerville High School students are leaving their artistic mark on the school. Students in Kirt Winslow’s portfolio preparation and assessment class are transforming their tabletops into famous works of art, including Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night,” by painting murals of the pieces.

“The idea is to have famous works of art around the entire classroom,” Winslow said. “I want to create the atmosphere of a gallery or museum so students are exposed to many different artists while they’re working in class.”

The portfolio preparation and assessment class is made up of juniors and seniors. Winslow began the project two years ago, by having his students paint the classroom stools.

“The students seem to enjoy this project,” Winslow said. “The seniors like the fact that they’re leaving their mark on the art room.”