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High Five students recognized for raising academic averages – May, 2016

The Schuylerville students listed below are being recognized as High Five students for increasing their academic averages a minimum of five points from the second to third quarter. Congratulations on the accomplishment!

Grade 6:

Evelyn Haley, Justin Hinners, Harrison Parnham

Grade 7:

James Brennan, Skyler Hurley, Alex Rodriguez, Cayden Rutland, Matthew Stampfli

Grade 8:

Kyle Burnham, Myra Edgar, Aidan Edwards, Ariana Headen, Ryan Kettner, John Lewitinn, Noah Morris, Sydney Quinn, Chelsea Wood

Grade 9:

Jenna Colvin, Lars Conway, Collin Edwards, Emily Ellis, Brandon McDaniel, Zachary Stark, Samuel Stoltz

Grade 10:

Amanda Coleman, Hannah S. Diehl, Deanna Greenwood, Skye Hayes, Nicholas LoPresti, Savannah Murdie, Johnathon Siciliano, Kennedy Sobon, Tyler Wood

Grade 11:

Peggy Brownell, Trent DeLor, Dalton Lago, Spencer Swoboda

Grade 12:

Andrew LaMoy, Lawton Merchant, Jordan Sanders