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High Five students recognized for raising academic averages

The Schuylerville students listed below are being recognized as High Five students for increasing their academic averages a minimum of five points from the second to the third quarter. Congratulations on the accomplishment!

Grade 6:

Anna Armstrong, Caleb Eglin, Bella Farstad, Benjamin Gulick, Rhylie Lynch, Sofia Miller, Kaylyn Myott, Emma O’Kosky, Naydine Sargent, Isaac Terrases, Aiden-Christopher Terry, Caiden Waldron

Grade 8:

Conagher Blackwood, Brielle Burke, John Coffinger, Antonio Fernandez, Dylan Lago, Morgan Rabideau, Carson Patrick, Nicholas Risenhoover, Caleb Nygaard, Ryan Rhoades, Hunter Wadsworth, Emily Walbroehl, Jane Yates

Grade 9:

Jordan Cherry and Dallas Salls

Grade 10:

Jenna Benware, Mackenzie Coleman, Skyler Hartnagle and Jack Nemer

Grade 11:

Sydney Barber, Collin Edwards, Kaylee Foster, Ethan Liptak, Lindsay Orologio, Christian Petralia, Ayrton Reulet, Antonia Scaccia and Noah Wilson

Grade 12:

Ashley Buchanan, Hannah S. Diehl, Ryan Durie, Adrianna Hayes, Gabrielle MacMillan, Cassie Patrick, Braden Podkladek, Angelika Rodriguez and William Tompkins