COVID-19 and Reopening of Schools

As the district works to create proper health and safety re-entry plans that adhere to New York State guidelines for reopening schools, click here for information and updates related to the process. 

High 5 students recognized for raising academic averages

The Schuylerville students listed below are being recognized as High 5 students for increasing their academic averages a minimum of five points from the third to fourth quarter. Congratulations on the accomplishment!

  • Grade 6: Andrew Dumas, Luis Hernandez, Sunni LaBounty
  • Grade 7: Aidan Anderson, Jack Bodnar, Kiara Caswell, Myranda Gale, Owen Greene, Daniel Miller, Grace Sirianni
  • Grade 8: Haley Brownell, James Burke, Meagan Cherry, Amanda Coleman, Tyler Fitzgerald, Xavier Jones, Reginald Melvin, Brianna Signor
  • Grade 9: Selena Carvalho, Christian Frolish, Justin Kelly, James Maas, Angelina Schrom, Stephanie Sousie
  • Grade 10: Kaitlyn Billyard, Kyle Buckley, Nathaniel Chaput, Adam Eydelson, David Garrison, Benjamin Phillips, Regis Price, Kiabet Quiroz, Taran Velders, Brittney Young
  • Grade 11: Anthony Craft, David Kehley
  • Grade 12: Gregory Breault, Phebe Brooks, John Cogan, Morgan Flanders, Audrey Garnsey, Alex Haley, Tyler Hendrickson, Nicholas Scott, Nikolaus Steg, Samantha Trimboli, Saraya Tucker, Christopher Vohnoutka, Brandon Young