Graduates return to share college insights

Returning graduates assemblyOn Friday, Jan. 4, more than two dozen graduates from the Schuylerville High School Class of 2018 returned to share insights, advice and anecdotes about life after high school with current freshmen and seniors.

High school counselors Carrie Bean, Janine O’Brien and Sarah Rust facilitated a question and answer session during which the returning graduates spoke about a range of topics, from class schedules and textbooks to doing their own laundry and living with a roommate.

“It’s wonderful to see the students again and hear how they’re doing after their first semester of college, or early on in a career,” Bean said. “The event gives our freshmen an opportunity to ask questions and learn how to best utilize the resources at the high school and take advantage of all of the opportunities here, while it lets our seniors get an idea of what to expect if they plan to attend college in the fall.”

Returning graduates