Graduates return to share college insights with high school freshmen and seniors – Jan, 2017

Schuylerville seniors listen to advice about college from recent graduates
Schuylerville seniors listen to advice about college from recent graduates at an assembly on Jan. 6.

On Friday, Jan. 6, more than two dozen graduates from the Schuylerville High School Class of 2016 returned to share insights, advice and anecdotes about life after high school with current freshmen and seniors.

“The biggest difference between high school and college is freedom,” said Darius Richardson, a freshman at the University of Maryland. “In high school you’re used to your parents telling you what to do and now a lot of decisions are on you and you have to be able to plan ahead and manage your time.”

Janine O’Brien, a school counselor at the high school, facilitated a question and answer session during which the returning graduates spoke about a range of topics, from class size and textbooks to doing their own laundry and living with a roommate.

“This event has become a tradition at Schuylerville High School,” O’Brien said. “Our goal is to give our freshmen students an opportunity to hear advice and different suggestions that they can take advantage of throughout their high school experience. As for our seniors, we want them to get an idea of what to expect if they plan to attend college classes in the fall.”

Michael Burkett is a freshman the University of Rhode Island. He spoke to the Class of 2017 about taking advantage of their last few months of high school.

“Utilize the time you have left in high school,” Burkett said. “Study for your AP exams, get your credits. It will help open up more opportunities for you in college.”