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Grades K-5 remote learning grading model

Dear Schuylerville K-5 Parent/Guardian, 

As educators we continue to be amazed by your support of remote learning, all while keeping health, safety, and wellbeing the priority.  We have a remarkable community! 

As a follow up to the information shared by the district on April 8, I want to ensure everyone understands the grading process we will follow at the K-5 level during the remote learning period.  Specifically, it’s important to understand what ‘Met vs. Unmet’ means.  

We will be assessing student learning based on their understanding of concepts and skills using the following:

  • Met 
    • The student has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the concept or skill being assessed.  The student has met the learning goal/objective. 
  • Not Yet Met 
    • The student is working toward the demonstration of knowledge and understanding of a concept or skill being assessed.  The student has not yet met the learning goal/objective.
  • Unmet 
    • The student has not demonstrated the knowledge and understanding of a concept or skill being assessed.  The learning goal/objective is unmet by the student. 

Essentially, this is a pass/incomplete model.  Our goal is to eliminate numeric grading as well as the opportunity for failure for students.  Teachers will be working with students and parents/guardians to assess learning through picture, voice, electronic, and/or video means.  

We appreciate what you as a family are able to do to support remote learning during this challenging time.  Health, safety, and wellbeing are the priority!  


Rose Beckett
Elementary Principal