Grades 6-12 Summer Enrichment Resources

School Librarian, Sandy Berger, has compiled a list of summer enrichment resource websites that offer everything from online museum exhibits, to fitness videos, to webcomics. If you have any questions Mrs. Berger at

Grades 6-12
Grades 9-12
  • Artstor
    • Access ARTSTOR’s public collections, featuring images in a wide array of subjects.
  • NASA Science
    • Science videos created by former NASA engineer Mark Rober
  • Digital Public Library of America
    • The Digital Public Library of America offers online exhibitions and free e-book access.
  • Library of Congress
    • The Library of Congress has a vast collection of digital resources including personal papers, music, and images.
  • The Hyde Collection
    • While temporarily closed, the Hyde Collection is still available online.
  • Schuylerville High School databases
    • Click on  the Schuylerville High link to access our databases, including Teen Health and Wellness.  Read, learn, ask questions, and tell your story!  The passcode is sville.