Freshman competes at North Atlantic Regional Figure Skating Championships

Brenna Coonradt skatingSchuylerville High School freshman Brenna Coonradt advanced to the final round of the Intermediate Ladies IJS event at the 2019 North Atlantic Regional Figure Skating Championships on Friday, Oct. 18 in Lake Placid.

“I have worked so hard, overcome injuries and have put every ounce of energy into this sport that I love,” Coonradt said. “It means the world to me that I finally get to show what I have been working for the last two seasons.”

Coonradt started skating at age two and has been seriously training for four and a half years. Her weekly training regimen is grueling. In addition to skating three hours a day, six days a week with her coach Kyoko Ina, Coonradt also works with a fitness trainer two to three times a week, does ballet two days a week and works with three other specialty coaches.

“All of this helps improve my short and freeskate programs,” Coonradt said. “To compete at this level, you need to be physically and mentally strong and fit.”

In preparation for regional championships, Coonradt traveled to Latvia over the summer to train with Russian coaches and a Russian skating team for two weeks. She has also competed at competitions throughout the Northeast.

Brenna Coonradt skating

On Sunday, Oct. 21, Coonradt finished 17 out of 60 in the final round of regional championships. She also received a U.S. Figure Skating Special Achievement pin for receiving a “+3” on two or more elements. Coonradt says she felt relieved after finishing her program and was very proud of how she did.

“I beat my personal best each time I skated and I surpassed my goals for the season,” she said. “I am beyond excited for the new season.”

Coonradt says she plans on taking three days off, then she will begin planning new goals, music, dresses and programs with more difficult jumps and components for next season.