COVID-19 and Reopening of Schools

As the district works to create proper health and safety re-entry plans that adhere to New York State guidelines for reopening schools, click here for information and updates related to the process. 

Food Services corrects violation

The Food Services staff at Schuylerville High School wants students, parents and community members to know that it is has worked to correct a health code violation that was cited on April 23.

“The inspector arrived immediately after we received a delivery from OGS,” Food Services Manager Kristy Wilbur said. “We were in the process of arranging the items in the freezer and some of the boxes were stacked on the floor.”

The violation stated: ““Enough refrigerated storage equipment is not present, properly designed, maintained or operated so that all potentially hazardous foods are cooled properly and stored below 45 degrees as required.”

“This was a violation that was corrected,” Wilbur said. “It was just bad timing.”

“We work regularly with the NYS Department of Health to make sure our students are safe in terms of what they’re eating,” Wilbur added. “At no point did this violation put our students at risk, but we do take it very seriously and have worked to correct the problem.”

Federal law requires two inspections a year for each school cafeteria.