First-graders and high school students share written stories

First-graders and high school students share written storiesSchuylerville Elementary School students in Mrs. Weed’s first grade class and students in Mrs. Sorrentino’s high school creative writing class swapped stories on Monday, March 13. First-graders traveled to the high school to share their non-fiction stories with the creative writing class.

“The first grade students have been working very hard on creating non-fiction stories,” Weed said.  “Having the opportunity for these young writers to share what they wrote with the  high school students was a wonderful experience for both age levels!

Each first-grader took a turn reading his or her story to the rest of the class, while creative writing students listened intently. Through their writing, first-graders taught the high school class how to play soccer, how to make a bracelet, how to be a best friend, and more.

“It was a real treat to host Mrs. Weed’s first-graders,” Sorrentino said. “What a great opportunity for the high school students to see the writing process from a child’s perspective! My students were quite impressed with the quality of the writing and the delivery of the stories.”

When the first-graders finished reading their stories, the creative writing students shared their own work. The high school class has been working on writing children’s stories. One student shared her story about a snake who liked parties. The first-grade students listened quietly and gave her a round of applause when she finished.

“I liked reading my story about making bracelets to the big kids,” said first-grader Skylar Foster. “It was fun! The girl’s story about snakes was good!” 

The high school writers are hoping to share more of their children’s stories with Mrs. Weed’s class in the near future.

“It’s wonderful for them to read their work to the audience they wrote for,” Sorrentino said.

Mrs. Ekblom’s first grade class will also be sharing their stories with the creative writing class later this month.