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Bucket Fillers Program

Staff and students strive to create positive school environment

Schuylerville Central School District has implemented numerous programs and initiatives aimed at developing positive learning environments in classrooms and beyond. Some activities are directly related to the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), while others have been developed out of the district’s commitment to promoting good citizenship. The Elementary School’s Bucket Filler’s Program is one such initiative.

The Bucket Fillers program

Schuylerville Elementary School (and countless other schools nationwide) experiences great results from incorporating the concepts and philosophies of the Bucket Fillers program. This program uses the idea of filling a bucket to help children (and adults!) understand how positive thoughts and feelings help improve mental and emotional states—i.e., if your bucket is full, you feel confident, happy, secure and calm; these feelings often occur after someone has been kind to you. An empty bucket may cause people to behave poorly and in a way that “empties the buckets” of other people. Schuylerville Elementary School students who exhibit positive behaviors and do good deeds have their names placed in a bucket and each week one of these students is chosen at random to win a prize and receive recognition. Congratulations to the students listed below for contributing to Schuylerville Elementary School’s positive learning environment!

Bucket Fillers for the week of Nov. 16:
  • John Hall- Mrs. Carminucci
  • Landen Sayward- Mrs. Delmar
  • Jethro Williams- Mrs. Weed
  • Logan O’Brien- Ms. DeFilippo
  • Aria Delmar- Mrs. Long
  • Tryston Daly- Mrs. Penniman
  • Katrina Bodnar- Mrs. Parker
  • Bradley Leto- Mr. Jennings
  • Griffin Solan- Mrs. Nesbitt
  • Allison Diehl- Mrs. Birge
  • Alayna DeLisle- Mrs. Thomas
  • Vinny Adriano- Mrs. Gell
  • Brently Lapriore- Mrs. Sorbero
  • Averie Porter- Ms. Schwartz