Elementary Chorus recruitment

Schuylerville Elementary School is looking to rebuild its chorus program after a short hiatus during the pandemic.  Music is a valuable experience which is highly regarded within schools around the world.  Besides the obvious of learning how to sing, chorus teaches many other valuable skills.  Listed below are some of these valuable life skills which can develop through participation in music:

  • Teamwork                               
  • Dedication
  • Organization skills
  • Setting and working towards goals
  • Self expression
  • Self confidence
  • Self discipline

Through singing games and activities at the beginning of each chorus rehearsal, each member will develop these skills.  At the same time we improve our listening (both musical and non-musical), critical thinking, music vocabulary and note reading skills and tools to aid in self expression.  The end result will be evident in the performance of a varied repertoire that we have learned and shared in two concerts (winter and spring).  Those in our band program who choose to also join chorus benefit with overlapping skills and improving skills, ultimately helping them to be even more successful on their chosen band instrument.

Chorus Details

Chorus meets two days per week, opposite the band at 8:00 a.m. in the Band/Chorus room.  There will be a period of time during which each member will only attend one day per week with those that sing their voice part. Once we make progress in our separate groups, we join back together two days a week in preparation for performances.

What is our goal?

For the 2022-23 school year, we are aiming to have a balanced group of 4th and 5th grade students. This allows for more consistency year to year as we move up in age and ability through middle school and beyond.  Each voice, boys and girls alike, is like a color on a painter’s palette.  We want as many different colors of sound as we can get, and learn to blend them together and create a new group color.  We are aiming for 50 students minimum, with 25 from each grade level. This program is volunteer based and has great value, but can only be successful if we have the numbers to achieve our goals. Please consider talking to your child about this opportunity and see if it is right for them! Music is a lifelong experience and for many, this continues well beyond school into adulthood.

Elementary Chorus Rally Day    

 To generate excitement, we are holding a “Chorus Rally Day” on June 22 during the school day. Current chorus members alongside registered members for next year will join together to play some singing games and work on basic singing skills.  At the end of the afternoon, students will perform one song on a Google Meet for their peers in their classrooms. The day will end with an ice cream social!

To become a member of chorus, click here for a registration form that can be returned to Mr. Tucker or the elementary main office.

 With harmony,

Mr. Christopher Tucker
Elementary Music Specialist