Earth Science students have lunch with Bob Kovachick

A group of Schuylerville Middle School students is learning about the weather from a meteorologist they’ve seen on television. Eighth grade Regents Earth Science students spent their lunch break on Thursday, Feb. 26 talking with NewsChannel 13’s Chief Meteorologist Bob Kovachick.

Kovachick explained the steps involved in weather forecasting and told students how difficult it can be to accurately forecast the weather days ahead of time. Kovachick talked about the different models used for weather forecasting and showed students the Electronic Map Wall from Pennsylvania State University, along with many of the weather maps that he uses when making his forecasts. Kovachick also demonstrated several weather instruments earth science students have access to at Schuylerville Middle School and how they work.

Weather is one of the 14 topics covered in the earth science curriculum and teacher Ivy Rechak believes Kovachick’s visit helped engage her eighth grade students.

“Giving students the opportunity to speak with an actual meteorologist has enhanced their learning experience and understanding of the material,” Rechak said. “They’re going to remember this experience well beyond this unit.”

Several students asked questions about Kovachick’s job. One student asked what it’s like being on live television, while another student inquired about Kovachick’s favorite weather phenomenon. Kovachick joked that he points to nothing for a living – referring to working with a green screen while on live television. He then told students that his favorite weather phenomena are snowstorms and thunderstorms and mentioned that this February could end up being the coldest on record.

Kovachick spent time at the end of the presentation signing autographs and posing for photos with several students.

“I was thrilled for the students to have this opportunity and have already invited Bob Kovachick to come back next year,” Rechak said.

Watch the video below to see Bob Kovachick give Schuylerville students an on air shout-out.