District presents preliminary school budget for 2019-20

Budget History InfographicSchuylerville Central School District Business Manager Marian Chrisman presented the district’s preliminary school budget for 2019-20 at the Board of Education meeting on Monday, March 18. The preliminary $36.2 million budget calls for a 1.95 percent spending increase and an estimated tax levy of 1.67 percent, which is below the district’s maximum allowable cap. This means, if the Board adopts the budget and it is approved by voters, homeowners who qualify will again be eligible for the state’s property tax relief credit. Chrisman says the proposed budget reflects the district’s long-
range budget plan.

“As part of our long-term budget planning we have been monitoring enrollment, along with staffing levels to find opportunities to increase efficiency and find savings,” Chrisman said. “With a declining enrollment over the past ten years and a number of upcoming retirements, we have analyzed positions to determine which vacated positions can be left unfilled without impacting programming for our students.”

Over the past ten years, the district’s enrollment has decreased by 300 students due to larger graduating classes and smaller incoming kindergarten classes. With ten retirements expected over the next two years, the district will continue to monitor programming needs and enrollment as staff retire to determine the necessity for filling these positions.

For more information, please visit the Budget page.