District capital project update

The Schuylerville Central School District is currently awaiting state approval of a $24.7 million capital project that voters approved in December 2016. The district submitted its design plans on Sept. 1, 2017, however districts across the state may be waiting 32 to 34 weeks for the New York State Education Department to review their plans. For Schuylerville, delays in the state approval process may push bidding back until October 2018.

Due to the lengthy review process, the district decided to pull out the boiler replacement and roof repairs as separate projects, which were submitted for expedited review. Both projects were approved this fall and bidding will begin later this winter. Work will commence in spring 2018.

During the normal course of design and cost estimating, several alternative design and construction options have been evaluated across the project to allow for the possibility of higher than anticipated construction costs. As part of this approach, the elementary school four classroom addition and sitework has been selected to be an Add Alternate during the bidding process. The final decision will be analyzed after the bids are received/opened and the final costs can be evaluated. A careful analysis has been done to assure that renovation of existing spaces (in place of adding new classrooms) in the elementary school and utilization of existing middle school classrooms currently housed in the elementary school (once the middle school addition is completed) will meet all programmatic and educational interests of our students for either option.

At this point, all other aspects of the K-12 projects are progressing as planned. The project will include renovations and updates at all three schools, as well as the administration building and bus garage. The project is set to fix infrastructure issues, increase school safety and security, and modernize facilities to help educators better prepare students for their futures – including 21st-century careers.

Please be advised that everything remains tentative as the district continues to analyze and evaluate. Final determinations will be made once bid prices are opened on in late 2018. More information will become available once the district has approval from the state.