District calls for additional Career and Technical Education aid

Representatives from the Schuylerville Central School District, along with several other districts in the WSWHE BOCES, met with local legislators on Friday, Jan. 11 to call for an increase in aid for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. The meeting took place at the annual BOCES Legislative Breakfast, where district leaders outlined goals and priorities for the upcoming state legislative session.

One of the top priorities for this year is an increase in the $30,000 threshold on BOCES Aid for Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs. CTE Programs provide students with essential skills that prepare them for college and careers. However, the existing state aid formula for CTE programs operated by BOCES only provides aid for the first $30,000 of a BOCES instructor’s salary, although the average salary of a CTE teacher is now more than double that. The current salary cap was established in 1992 and district leaders say it must be increased to ensure that students have access to the CTE pathway by providing 100% aidability for the salaries of CTE teachers.

The video below, which was shown at the breakfast, demonstrates the need for policy that helps schools close the “skill gap” between high school graduates and potential employers.

In addition to CTE, the Schuylerville Central School District is exploring expanding the high school’s general internship program to offer opportunities for students interested in skilled trade areas.