Class of 2022 senior letter

Below is a letter to Class of 2022 families from senior class advisor, Mr. Tom Robinson:

Hello students and parents of the Class of 2022!

As senior class advisor, it is my task to help the Class of 2022 have an amazing senior year.  In order to do this, we need involvement from students and parents for a number of different things. Please monitor your emails, mail and Google Classroom posts to follow senior news and events. 

My main priority as class advisor is to work with the senior class officers and class members, school administration, and company representatives to administratively ensure the planning, organization and production of class activities, fundraisers and senior trip. Below is a brief summary and schedule of upcoming fundraisers and events for the Class of 2022.  This information will be discussed in more detail at the Class of 2022 meeting on Friday, September 10 from 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Click here for information on how to download and set up the Scoreboard FR app that we will be using for the first fundraiser. Please download it on your phones/devices before Friday’s class meeting.

Class Activities 

Throughout the year, we will be hosting activities for the entire class to participate in.  The ideas for these activities will primarily come from the students and will be organized by them as well.  Seniors should talk to a class officer or senior class advisor if they would like to see or help make an event happen.

Ideas in the works:      
  • Senior events throughout the year
  • Senior lock-in
  • Prom
  • Senior last day of classes: walk-through and Lake George lunch cruise  

Senior Trip

What does the senior trip include? 

An amazing  4-day resort adventure with senior classmates to a number of wonderful areas in Orlando, Florida. The trip includes: a 4 day, 3-night  stay at Universal Cabana Bay Resort; a 2-day all-park pass to Universal Island of Adventure, Universal Studios, and Volcano Bay Parks; a day at Cocoa Beach; a day at Magic Kingdom in Disney World, and an evening at Disney Springs!

When will the senior trip take place ?

The dates are still being finalized, but it will begin around the week of  March 6-12.

How much will the senior trip cost?

The total cost of the trip is composed of two parts: the land portion and airfare. The land based portion of the trip will range from $800-$900 based on the number of people per hotel room. The cost of airfare will be determined once there is a final number of students going based on paid deposits. The airfare portion for the past two years has been between $450-$550. A safe estimate for the full cost of the trip is $1,350-$1,600 per person, based on the number of people in the room. (Again, these costs are estimates based upon the possible cost of airfare and the number of people attending the trip.) Actual costs will be determined after I submit the number of students that have paid deposits by September 24th. 

A supplemental handout for purchasing travel insurance will be handed out at the senior class meeting.

Suggested Payment Schedule  

  • 1st deposit: $200 due no later than Thursday, Sept. 24
  • 2nd payment: $350 due Friday, Oct. 22nd
  • 3rd payment: $350 due Friday, Nov. 19
  • Final payment: Remainder of the balance due Friday, Dec. 11
  • Final date to cancel the trip for a refund (minus the $200 non-refundable deposit): Dec. 6
How can I fundraise?

Students have the opportunity to raise funds for class activities as well as their senior trip. If a student plans to go on the senior trip, any money that they raise during the fall fundraisers will be applied toward the class events ($70) and any other funds raised can go toward the cost of their senior trip.  If a student decides not to go on the trip, any money they raise through a school fundraiser will be applied to cover their expenses for class events.  

In the past, students have been able to fully fund their senior trip through the three fundraisers. The more participation we have, the more we can do as a class.

The initial deposit for the senior trip ($200) will not be covered by the fundraiser. Students who are planning to participate in the senior trip must submit their deposit payment by Thursday, Sept. 24..

Senior Class Events

Excluding the senior trip and the prom, which is a new expense for the senior class, it normally costs about $8,000 to put on all of the senior class events, which averages about $72 per senior. In the past, prom tickets have cost as high as $75 per person ($150 per couple). The fundraisers provide each senior the opportunity to fully fund their costs for all of the events throughout the year, reducing the burden of paying out-of-pocket. 

Remember, the more the class raises, the less they will have to pay. I keep track of the amount each senior earns during the fundraisers and apply those funds to their costs for the upcoming events. For example, if a student sells 10 popcorn items, the earnings from that sale would cover their cost for the Lake George lunch cruise and senior lock-in. Selling 15 pies could cover the cost of a prom ticket. Selling 30 candles could cover the senior lock-in, Lake-George Lunch Cruise, and a prom ticket.  Selling 280 items (popcorn, pies, and candles) could pay for the senior trip and all the senior events!   

Fundraisers and events in the works:
  • September: Gourmet Popcorn Sales (who doesn’t love popcorn! It makes a delicious treat!)
  • October: Mourning Kill Farm Pies Sales (Easy delicious pies from freezer to oven for any occasion!)
  • November: Eco-Scent Candles (A great holiday gift idea!)
  • March: Senior Trip 
  • April: Senior Lock-In  & Hudson Crossing Clean Up 
  • May: Prom
  • June: Senior Last Day Events, Lake George Lunch & Dance Cruise, and graduation

Senior Class Advisors Contact Info

I hope you had a relaxing summer, and I am  looking forward to a great senior year!  

Congratulations Class of 2022!

Tom Robinson
Senior Class Advisor