Class of 2021 yearbook information

Dear Class of 2021 students and parents/guardians, 

The purpose of this letter is to share some important yearbook information and deadlines. I will do my best to create a first-rate yearbook that will serve as a lasting reminder of your senior year. However, it is your yearbook and I need your help to make it happen! In an effort to increase communication between the Class of 2021 and the Yearbook Club, I want to pass along an email address for all yearbook-related questions:

I will be sure to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. In addition to open communication, we also need the active participation of the Class of 2021 in order to make this a yearbook that you can be proud of. First and foremost, I need you to meet all deadlines for the submission of the senior class yearbook information and materials. The most immediate deadline is for the submission of senior portraits by October 23, 2020. Not meeting this deadline will result in the Yearbook Club using a school photo ID picture in the portrait section. Scheduling senior portraits should be the first and primary concern of families and seniors as this will be the first section of yearbook sent for publication. If at all possible, please schedule portraits in the summer or early fall. There are many first rate studios and photographers who will expertly handle your senior portrait needs, however, Schuylerville currently has a working relationship with Adirondack School Portraits for senior portraits. Therefore, seniors are encouraged to contact Adirondack School Portraits or any one of the many portrait studios in the area to schedule a sitting for a senior portrait. Please be sure that your senior portrait meets the following standards: color, wallet-size, glossy, and no soft focus. We will NOT scan an actual photo. Seniors must be the only person in the portrait. A color digital JPEG image (300DPI – 2 1⁄2” W x 3 1⁄2”H—this means portrait orientation NOT landscape) sent as a JPEG email attachment is preferred. A JPEG is preferable for all other photos as well. Please act quickly since there may be a waiting list for an appointment. On the back of this letter you will find a list of additional deadlines for yearbook submissions. All information must be submitted to Mr. Marvin. Pictures emailed as attachments in large file sizes are preferred. 

I also need members of the Class of 2021 to become actively involved in creating the yearbook. I need student input and assistance on a wide range of issues and tasks, including the yearbook theme, senior portraits, page layouts, candid photography, sports and club photography, proofreading, and sales/advertising. There are many opportunities for a wide range of skills and backgrounds, so please get involved! If you are interested in contributing to the yearbook, please touch base with me during the first week of school and attend our weekly meetings. Meeting dates and times will be included in morning announcements. I look forward to working with you next school year to produce an outstanding yearbook! Enjoy your summer vacation and we will see you in September. 

Sincerely, Mr. Ross Marvin  

Senior Class Yearbook Deadlines 

October 23

  • Senior portrait
  • Student name as it will appear under the senior portrait
  • Student name as it will appear on the yearbook cover
  • Senior quote
  • Baby picture 

November 6

  • Candid photographs 
  • “Younger Years”– Elementary, Junior High, etc. Junior Prom Fall 2019 Sports 

January 29

  • Senior Will
  • Parent Ads
  • Business Ads
  • Candid photographs for winter sports
  • All candid photos from events 

2020-2021 District Photography will be taken by Adirondack School Portraits, 14-18 Warren St, Glens Falls, NY 12801 (518) 792-7919. Adirondack also does senior portraits by appointment.  

Photographers used in 2019-2020: (these are preferred vendors who do a great job)