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Bucket Fillers for June 9

Twelve Schuylerville Elementary School students were recognized as “Bucket Fillers” on Friday, June 9 for exhibiting positive behaviors and doing good deeds. Click here to learn more about the Bucket Fillers program.

Bucket Fillers for June 9
Top Row: Emily Munger (Mrs. Hammond Carmer), Brayden Seymour (Mrs. Hammond- Carmer), Ella Steinfort (Mrs. Weed), Bailey Lieberman (Miss Ekblom), Harper Wood (Mrs. Curtis), Cody Wait (Mrs. Curtis), Elisa Ludwig (Mrs. Sorbero), Wyatt Turner (Mrs. Cogan- Carpenter).
Bottom Row: Cheyenne Bell (Mrs. Moreau), Adeline Johnson (Mrs. Thivierge), Jackson Dunbar (Mrs. Thomas), Gavin Kernes (Mrs. Rathbun)