COVID-19 and Reopening of Schools

As the district works to create proper health and safety re-entry plans that adhere to New York State guidelines for reopening schools, click here for information and updates related to the process. 

Bucket Fillers for Jan. 13

Ten Schuylerville Elementary School students were recognized as “Bucket Fillers” on Friday, Jan. 13 for exhibiting positive behaviors and doing good deeds. Click here to learn more about the Bucket Fillers program.

Bucket Fillers for Jan. 13
Back Row:
Olivia Phillips (Mr. Bassani), Chase DeLisle (Moreau), Kierstin Evans (Mrs. Hart), Jillian Dickinson (Mrs. Rathbun), Anna Schwerd (Mrs. Quigley), Andrew Leinwol (Mrs. Quigley).
Front Row:
Carter Jennings (Mrs. Weed), Skylar Foster (Mrs. Weed), Bradley Decker (Miss Ekblom), Andrew Nichols (Miss Ekblom).