Career Education Program

Preparing for the Real World

Schuylerville Central School District provides a broad array of career-related programs and activities for our students. These activities have the common characteristic of helping to prepare pupils for the real world.

Who can be a mentor?

Virtually anyone could be part of the Career Education Program. There is no expense and the experience of sharing one’s expertise and enthusiasm for the profession may be the incentive that a student needs to get involved. Mentors are just experienced and proficient workers who welcome curious interns into their workplaces in order to exchange ideas within their common field.

Speakers’ Bureau – Be Influential

Speakers’ Bureau is for those who wish to share their experience, talents and various skills with Schuylerville students. Call the High School (518) 695-3255, ext. 2239 if you’re interested in being part of the Speaker’s Bureau. In many cases, teachers and students also reach out to professionals to come into classrooms to share their knowledge and skills.

Shadowing – A Taste of Reality

Normally initiated before a student enters 10th grade, shadowing matches professionals with students in real-world work experiences. Shadowing typically occurs within the Home and Careers course, but students can also work with Student Services Center staff members to arrange additional shadowing opportunities. This is a chance for all who participate to experience careers that may be of interest to them and perhaps find if the chosen job is right for them.

Internships—The “Ins and Outs” of Life

The credit-bearing internship program is open only to high school seniors, who experience all elements of a chosen profession. Students are required to submit an application, dress and act appropriately for an interview and then, if selected, are obligated to spend part of each school day working in a professional setting related to their potential career choices. Interns typically rotate through four different career environments during the school year. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM.

Career Day

This program is geared toward 7th- and 8th-grade students in an effort to give them the earliest possible opportunity to make occupational choices. Several professionals from a variety of fields come to the school and speak to the students. They make suggestions to those who are interested in specific careers, giving examples of experiences they have had, salary levels, job outlooks for the future, as well as frank discussions about both the positives and negatives of their careers.