Academic Pep Rally returns to Schuylerville Elementary School

Schuylerville Elementary School students, faculty and staff will take part in an academic pep rally as part of school spirit week, Wednesday, October 8, 2014. To accommodate grades K-5 in the school cafeteria, one pep rally will be held in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The academic pep rally has two themes: “On the Right Track” and “the 3 A’s” (Attitude, Attendance and Achievement).

Elementary School Principal Gregg Barthelmas will participate in both pep rallies by speaking to students about how they can incorporate the 3 A’s into their school year. Several of the elementary school teachers will also perform a skit – the Schuylerville pony race – highlighting the 3 A’s and reinforcing to students the importance of Attitude and Attendance in order to reach Achievement.

“The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to come together, energize students and remind them that we all need to stay focused and on the right track in order to be successful,” Kindergarten Teacher Jessica Sorbero said.

The Schuylerville High School cheerleading team will be on hand during the pep rally to pump up the crowd, cheer on the ponies and to perform a routine for students. The pep rally will wrap up with Music Teacher Christopher Tucker leading students in Schuylerville’s school song, “On the Right Track.”

Schuylerville teachers say they are excited to bring the tradition of the academic pep rally back to the elementary school, after a brief hiatus.

“With all of the changes in the last few years (curriculum, common core, etc.), we had to put some of those extra activities on hold,” Sorbero said. “Now that the dust has settled and we have a good handle on our new routine, it’s more important than ever to keep those traditions alive and keep doing what we do best: inspire students to reach their goals.”


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