A message from Principal Beckett

Dear Schuylerville Elementary Parents/Guardians, 

As our community comes to terms with a new normal, we are faced with many daily challenges.  Many of us are doing all we can to ensure basic needs are met within our home, maintain a career remotely, figure out how to make ends meet financially, clean/disinfect every inch of our home, learn how to be a teacher to our child(ren), and manage the daily stressors associated with social isolation.  

Just like first responders, health care professionals, custodians, grocery store workers, educators, and all other essential places of employment, you as parents/guardians are working around the clock for your world, your family and your child(ren). You matter! We have a great team of educators at Schuylerville here for you every step of the way. When the times get tough and help is needed, we are here for you. Please keep in communication with your child’s teacher(s) on a regular basis. The best way to get through each day is to utilize the (remote) help you have. Our teachers and staff also miss their normal, daily routine with your children. Staying connected is the best way for us to navigate these uncharted waters together. Together we are stronger!

The district will continue to keep in communication with you regarding the COVID-19 crisis via email and website posts. When an important email is sent, you will also receive a text message letting you know. Please reference prior communication with regard to meals, technology, health, and safety, as well as online support and resources for families. The district also has a very active Facebook page that is updated frequently. If you haven’t already, be sure to “like” or follow the page. It’s a great source of positivity during this time period! 

I miss seeing your child(ren) each and every day.  Please tell them I said hello and give them a huge hug for me!  I hope that each day can be surrounded by love, laughter, and fun. And remember: you’re doing your best and that is what matters the most!

Rose Beckett
Elementary Principal