8th Grade Giveback Day; end of year 6th/7th grade activities

6th grade team building activitiesAt the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, Schuylerville Middle School kicked off its positive school culture campaign, focused on positivity, unity, kindness, and connection. To reflect on and celebrate the end of the school year, students in grades 6-8 participated in a variety of activities with their peers and teachers.

  • 6th Grade: team building activities & a field trip to the Old Fort House Museum
  • 7th Grade: hiked at Dionondahowa Falls Trail Head in Greenwich, ate lunch at Amigos, and then tie-dyed t-shirts on the middle school’s side lawn.
  • 8th Grade: Giveback Day & a field trip to The Fun Spot


8th Grade Giveback Day Activities

8th grade giveback day

Students participated in activities on and off campus, in an effort to give back to the school community and community at large.

  • Positive Post-It notes on middle school lockers
  • Bookmarks for area nursing homes
  • Sewing of teddy bears to put in police cars to give to children in car accidents
  • Stress relief kits for Schuylerville Student Services
  • Raking & planting flowers at the middle school entrance
  • Cleaning doors and windows
  • Organizing donations into boxes for a SAFER drive
  • Reading to elementary students
  • Providing help at the Schuylerville Public Library
  • Creating “LifeSaver Thank You’s” for the Volunteer Fire Department 

students assist with landscaping“All of the activities our middle school students engaged in echoed the positive culture work that we’ve really focused on this school year,” said Principal Katie Elsworth. “We’ve worked hard to help our students realize that their efforts inside and outside of school matter, and giveback day was a direct reflection of that! Not only did our students enjoy the day, but our teachers and staff did too. We look forward to making this an annual tradition.”