2021-22 Schuylerville CSD reopening plan

During the Aug. 16 Board of Education meeting, the 2021-22 Schuylerville CSD reopening plan was presented, discussed, and adopted.

Click here for the 2021-22 Schuylerville CSD Reopening Plan (the plan also includes a chart that shows when masks need to be worn based on community transmission.)

The content of the district’s reopening plan will continually evolve and be updated based on the current Saratoga County COVID-19 transmission rate. Transmission rates are measured by the CDC’s four-category system of low, moderate, substantial, and high. These rates, which are updated on the CDC website, give the district clear, quantitative data to work with. Monitoring this data will assist the district in making informed decisions about health and safety protocols throughout the school year.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Superintendent Dr. Ryan Sherman or COVID-19 Coordinator Gregg Barthelmas. Thank you.