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Call the main switchboard at (518) 695-3255 and ask for your party's name or extension.


main office

Principal Gregg Barthelmas (ext. 1221)
Secretary Missy Reynolds (ext. 1221)
Secretary Jennifer Tompkins (ext. 1224)
Attendance: Norma Thivierge (ext. 1225)


Lisa Black (ext. 1322)
Suzanne Carlisle-Casey (ext. 1366)
Jolene Curtis (ext. 1257)
Frieda Hammond-Carmer (ext. 1360)

MaryBeth Moran (ext. 1358)
Jessica Sorbero (ext. 1327)

Grade 1
Cara Cogan-Carpenter (ext. 1335)
Katie Devine (ext. 1318)
Karen Thomas (ext. 1317)
Shannon Vallee (ext. 1291)
Amy Weed (ext. 1316)

Grade 2
Kristen Becht (ext. 1331)                                                     
Andrew Jennings (ext. 1330)                                                                        
Barbara Nevins (ext. 1337)
Stephen Brennan  (ext. 1362)
Gwyn Reeves (1359)
Terri Sullivan (ext. 1334)

Grade 3                                                                      
Stephanie Davis (ext. 1174)
Janice Decker (ext. 1319)
Kristen Long (ext. 1370)
Jessica Quigley (ext. 1336)
Beth Sanders (ext. 1357)
Grace Stott (ext. 1364)
Ruth Ann Thivierge (ext. 1320)

Grade 4
David Bassani (ext. 1213)
Peter Carner (ext. 1346)                                                                                   
Maria DeFilippo (ext. 1392)                                                                                  
Dave Mehan (ext. 1325)
Jennifer Moreau (ext. 1328)
Patrick Whalen (ext. 1340)

Grade 5
Denise Birge (ext. 1373)
Kim Duncan (ext. 1351)
Jackie Hart (ext. 1386)
Stacy Parker (ext. 1367)
Emily Penniman (ext. 1374)
Lisa Schwartz (ext. 1352)

Matthew Roberts (ext. 2117)
Michael Shea (ext. 1379)

Cheri DePoy (ext. 2154)
Matt Sgambatti (ext. 1393)
Heidi Kenyon-Smith (ext. 2112)

Christopher Tucker (ext. 1372)
Vicki Young (ext. 1128)

Maria Weeks (ext. 1288)
Julie Kelleher (ext. 1288)

Physical Education
Julianne Torres (ext. 1126)
John Wilson (ext. 1226)                                                                                          Glen Wolin (ext. 1226)

Academic Intervention Services
Casey Anderson: math (ext. 1369)
Karen Carminucci (ext. 1393)
Laura Dooley: reading (ext. 1208)
Judy Greene: math (ext. 1399)                                                                             
Lisa Murphy: reading (ext. 1326)
Jennifer Pemrick: reading (ext. 1333)
Krista Senator: reading (ext. 1332)

english as a second language (ESL)
Shannon Snyder (ext. 1390)

Special Education
Amy Barthelmas: grade 1/2 ELA (ext. 1378)                                                        
Matt Becht: 12:1:1 classroom
Michele Endres: Grade 4 (ext. 1237)
Julie Hagglove: Grades K-2 (ext. 2123)
        square bulletNicholas McMurry (ext. 2123) e-mail:
Amy Jordan: 8:1:2 classroom (ext. 1212)
Rebecca Lockwood/Ashley Delisle: Grade 3 (ext. 1290)
Lisa Murphy: special education reading (ext. 1326)
Lindsey Sawtelle: Grade 5 (ext. 1341)
Ana Steinfort: Grade 5 (ext. 1347)                                                                     
Bryan Alvarez (ext. 1342): CPSE Chairperson


Debbie Durrin (ext. 1264)
Ellen Timmes-Grab (ext. 1264)
Susan Truitt (ext. 1264)


Assistive technology teacher
Julie Leffler


music therapist
Rachel McQueen

Speech Therapists
Kathy Bolton (ext. 1371)
Megan Brown
Dorothy Tyler

School Counselors
Cassandra Luthringer, grades K-5 (ext. 1142)

School Psychologist (K-7)
Bryan Alvarez (ext. 1342)

Health Office
Christina Bolduc (ext. 1229)
Mary Sherman (ext. 1220)

Educational Aides
Carol Fowler   
Betty Gifford
Rae Lyn Gonyea                                                                                                 
Joanne Helwig                                                                                                     
Nancy Koval
Birgit Murray
Karen Ranck
Christine Vito

Before/After School Staff
Director Bryanna Ekblom (ext. 1286)
Jane Burdick
Melinda Carr

Brenna Champagne
Dawn Champagne
Jim Cinguegrann
Jane DiMeglio

Jorden Ferrier
Rachel Flanders
Ann Marie Hathaway
Andrea Helwig

Joanne Helwig
Jenny Lago
Austin Luna
Kristen Mallory
Sue McGarry
Bresney Pettit
Karen Ranck
Gabby Schrom

Elementary teacher working with a student
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Calling a Staff Member?

Please call the district switchboard at (518) 695-3255 and enter the extension for the person you're trying to reach. You can also call the Elementary School Main Office at extension 1224 or 1221 and you'll be transferred to your party or if the staff member doesn't have voicemail, you can leave a message with the secretary.

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