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Transportation Department

Phone: (518) 695-3255, ext. 3260

No closings to report.


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Transportation Positions Available

Schuylerville Central School District’s Transportation Department has ongoing openings for substitute bus drivers and substitute transportation aides. Get paid while the district trains you to get your CDL (Commercial Driving License) to drive a school bus. The positions are ideal for parents of school-aged children or retired people who are looking for extra income. Part-time hours are available; afternoon availability is required. Competitive Hourly Salary and no prior experience necessary. For Information please contact Donald Young (Transportation Supervisor) at 518-695-3468 or stop by the Transportation Office (between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm) on the Schuylerville CSD campus, 14 Spring St (Rt. 29), Schuylerville, NY.

Getting Here from There

The big yellow bus continues on as a symbol heralding the beginning and end of school. This symbolism takes on added meaning with the large geographic area covered by the Schuylerville Central School District.

Schuylerville has more than 25 buses that travel more than a half million miles per year—think of it as going to California and back every day! Approximately 1,700 Schuylerville students, 75 private and parochial school students and 35 special needs students ride our buses to 25 different schools each day.

Safety First

With such a high level of activity, safety is the top priority. Schuylerville’s buses are thoroughly inspected every morning. Our bus drivers go through extensive training before obtaining licensing.

Parents have a role in bus safety, too. [READ MORE]

Transportation Department Earns Perfect Passing Rate on State School Bus Safety Inspections

The Schuylerville Central School District’s Transportation Department has earned a perfect score (100 percent) on its New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) bus safety inspection. [READ MORE]

Life-threatening allergies mean no eating/drinking on school buses

There are some students on our buses who have life-threatening allergies to peanuts and /or nut products. To this end, all Schuylerville Central School District vehicles are designated peanut- and nut-free [read more]

Bus routes & bus signs

Information on Schuylerville’s bus routes is distributed by the Transportation Department. For safety purposes, we do not post bus routes on the district website.

Please write down your child’s bus number for easy access in case you need to communicate with the Transportation Department. Parents are also encouraged to find out the name of their child’s bus driver.

To easily identify buses, each vehicle will also have a sign on the side with a picture or icon. Here's a list of the buses and their accompanying pictures:


Bus # Picture   Bus # Picture
153 Duck   144 Rooster
154 Bear   145 Boat
156 Star   146 Bluebird
157 Squirrel   147 Train
136 Tree   148 Plane
137 Pumpkin   149 Sneaker
138 Fish   150 Cow
141 Horse   151 Rabbit
142 Seal   158 Butterfly


Transportation to Non-Public Schools

State law requires parents who are planning to send children to private or parochial schools for the 2016-17 school year to file an application for special transportation by April 1, 2016. These applications are available by calling the Transportation Department at (518) 695-3255, ext. 3260.

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Safety is our #1 priority

Schuylerville knows that getting its students to school safely every day is the #1 priority.

Schuylerville’s buses are thoroughly inspected every morning. Our bus drivers go through extensive training before obtaining licensing.

Learn more about what parents can do to help make this a priority, too.

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