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Director of Computer Services

Eric Blakely
Phone: (518) 695-3255, ext. 2208

Computer Services Department

The Computer Services Department is responsible for the maintenance, coordination and implementation of all educational, library/media, administrative and business technologies for the district. Our main goal is to see the successful integration of technology in all facets of education and to ensure our students achieve technology literacy. These goals are aligned with our district’s Technology Plan.

Through the use of various technologies, teachers are able to facilitate individual support for our students, as well as enhance learning through the use of technology. With the implementation of new administrative technologies, our administrators are able to access and analyze student data to efficiently steer the educational progress of our school community.


Internet/computer Safety in school

The district takes measures to ensure students' safety when using the Internet by complying with regulations outlined in the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations. These measures include filtering or blocking of of access to certain material on the Internet and monitoring of Web sites visited by students as a measure to restrict access to materials that may be harmful to minors. In addition, the following rules will be enforced in the district:


square bulletUse of the Internet will be for educational purposes only as assigned by an instructor.

square bulletNo student will be allowed to access the Internet without a staff member being present.

square bulletIt is the student's responsibility to avoid accessing, posting or sending objectionable material/messages. Further, it is the student's responsibility to terminate inadvertent access.

square bulletStudents are not to access any chat sites without the permission of the instructor in charge.

square bulletE-mail is to be used for educational purposes only under the direct supervision of an instructor.


District policies prohibit unauthorized access (including hacking) and other unlawful activities that compromise the security of district data, software and equipment and/or student or staff work space. Violations of these policies may result in disciplinary action. Click here to download/view the district's acceptable use policy. [PDF document]


Internet Safety at home

Be Aware of What Your Child is Doing Online

Remember when you had that tattered leather diary with the little lock and key? You could find a clever hiding place for it in your room…someplace where no one would read it and invade your privacy.

Things are a little different for today’s preteens and teens. In fact, many children are posting their innermost thoughts right on the Internet on such social networking websites as Facebook, and As a parent, you’ll want to be aware of these sites. Even though students are blocked
from accessing them on Schuylerville’s campus computers, they can still get to the sites from other computers with Internet access. [READ MORE]



A New Millennium, A New Kind of Bully

Communication technology—it’s all around us. From laptops and Web sites, to camera phones and text messaging, children today are exposed to new communication tools on a daily basis. And while many of these devices provide students with a great opportunity for learning, growth, and social networking, they can also become vehicles for bullying and harassment when used inappropriately.  [READ MORE]

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Acceptable Use Policy

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Middle School Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement Form

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Middle School iPad Policies & Procedures with Parental Agreement Form

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High School Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement Form

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Grades 2-12 New User ID Information Form

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