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This page can help you with your school work. There are links to subscription databases, the most kid-friendly Internet search engines and other great research and other educational Web sites.


online databases

These resources can be accessed at home and at school. Please e-mail Mrs. Weeks for passwords.                                           


square bulletBrainPOP

- BrainPOP Jr.

- BrainPOP Español                 

square bulletKids Search

square bulletExploring Nature

square bulletOverdrive

square bulletPebbleGo

square bulletTeaching Books

square bulletTumble Books

square bulletWorld Book

- Early World of Learning

- World Book Kids

- World Book Student

- World Book Spanish Language

animal Websites

square bulletPebbleGo (e-mail Mrs. Weeks for password)

square bulletExploring Nature (e-mail Mrs. Weeks for password)

square bulletAnimal Bytes from SeaWorld

square bulletDiscovery Channel Wild Animals

square bulletKidsClick! Animals

square bulletAnimal Corner


Biography Websites

square bulletMeet Amazing Americans - Library of Congress

square bulletInfoPlease Biographies

square bulletBiography - A&E


Colonial Kids Websites

square bulletColonial Kids:  A Celebration of Life in the 1700's

square bulletSocial Studies for Kids - Colonial Times

square bulletNoah Webster House - Kids Corner


country Websites

square bulletCountry Studies (Library of Congress)

square bulletWorld Fact Book (from the CIA)


recommended search engines

square bulletGoogle

square bulletAsk

square bulletKidsClick!


research Websites

square bulletGovernment Web pages for Kids

square bulletInternet Public Library's Kid Space

square bulletAtlapedia (full-color country maps and key facts)

square bulletFactmonster


educational Websites

square bulletPBS Kids

square bulletMath Games for Kids

square bulletFunology's Science of Having Fun (science experiments)

square bulletEnchanted Learning (facts on hundreds of subjects)

square bulletTime for Kids



square bulletVolcano versus Earthquake

square bulletSail the Seas - an explorer webquest

square bullet4th Grade Native American webquest

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