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Last phase of construction project focused on increasing energy efficiency
August 17, 2012

The final phase of the district’s construction project is focused primarily on initiatives to improve energy efficiency. “The projects are similar to those that you’d tackle in your home if you were looking to lower energy costs—namely, lighting upgrades, window replacements and some heating and ventilation work,” said Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Peter Riggi.

In the district, the energy-efficiency projects include:







square bulletReplacing T-12 fluorescent light fixtures with T-8 fixtures throughout classrooms and hallways in the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Both High School gymasiums will have the metal halides light fixtures replaced with high- efficient T-5 fixtures; this switch is also taking place in the original Elementary School gymnasium. All parking lot light lights are being replaced with LED fixtures (they are currently metal halide fixtures, also resulting in significant energy savings.





square bulletReplacing original single-pane windows in the Elementary School with UV-rated thermal pane windows.Selected older windows in the High School (primarily those installed in 1955 and 1991) are also being replaced.





square bulletThe front fa├žade of the High School is getting insulated panels, which add a significant “R” value to the exterior walls and will make the areas weather-tight, along with the new windows.





square bulletThe High School gymnasium heating and ventilating unit has been rebuilt and two large motors have been replaced with new energy-efficient motors.





square bulletRadiant heat has been installed in the Student Services Center and the main office at the High School.

When everything is completed the district will realize a significant annual energy savings.