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Cold weather safety

January 23, 2013

With the extremely cold weather we’re experiencing, the district presents some tips on cold weather safety.

square bulletParents are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their children are properly clothed and not allowed to remain outdoors in extreme weather conditions of any sort. Children’s—even teens’—outerwear should be monitored every day during extreme weather conditions. Warm jackets, hats, scarves, boots and an extra pair of dry gloves in their pockets will help protect them during extremely cold temperatures.


square bulletIf students are allowed outdoors in extreme weather, they must tell an adult if they feel cold, or if they feel pain or numbness and/or if they see a color change in any part of their body, or if they become wet (especially if boots and/or gloves are wet). In these instances, the student should see the school nurse to be warmed, given dry clothing and evaluated for frostbite. Schuylerville students will not be allowed outside during the school day or for club and athletic activities if temperatures are dangerously low.


square bulletChildren should be instructed not to remain outdoors for longer than five minutes in extreme temperatures, and should know to go inside sooner if they are cold, feeling pain or numbness in their hands, feet, ears, or nose, or if their clothing (especially boots or gloves) becomes wet.


square bulletParents should avoid leaving children completely unattended before bus pick-ups and should discuss with their children what to do in an emergency or bus delay if the parent has already left for work. For instance, parents should arrange for a place for their children to go in the event the parent needs to leave a child before the scheduled bus arrival. Children should be familiar with this emergency plan (i.e., they should know: when to ask for help, where to find safe shelter in an emergency, how to protect themselves with proper winter clothing and the danger signs for frostbite).