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Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook
Snowflakes for Sandy Hook
Students in Mrs. Schwartz's class make snowflakes for Sandy Hook pupils.

december 21, 2012

“This makes me feel like I’m giving a little bit of joy to the Newtown students after the terrible things that happened in their school,” said Schuylerville fifth-grader Meghan Clarke.

She and her classmates in Mrs. Schwartz’s class are joining children across the nation in an effort to create a winter wonderland in the new school where Sandy Hook students will be relocated. The children will begin classes in the new location in January.

Meghan saw an article online about the project and immediately asked if her class could participate.


“Yesterday, we made 128 snowflakes. I think we’ll have a lot more before we’re done,” she said. “We’re hoping we might make the students feel a little better if they know other people are thinking about them.”

For more information on the winter wonderland initiative, go to the GenerationOn website at