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District introduces Parent Portal  

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Parents of Schuylerville students in grades 4-12 now have the ability to access school-related information about their children through a web-based application called Parent Portal. Parent Portal is an extension of the district’s current student database system, SchoolTool.

The information that is accessible through Parent Portal includes schedules, grades, progress reports, report cards, attendance records and, in some cases, class assignments. Parents can also e-mail teachers directly from Parent Portal pages if they have questions or comments.

“This is just one more way we’re increasing opportunities for parent-school communications,” said Computer Services Director Eric Blakely. “It also provides some conversation-starters for parents and their children.”

Schuylerville’s Parent Portal system has been in the testing/pilot stages for several months. Selected Elementary School parents and all parents of seventh-graders had access to the system, providing valuable feedback and insights. “We were able to make a few small improvements thanks to the parents who piloted the program. Other than those minor tweaks, everything ran very well,” Blakely said. “I’m anticipating a smooth introduction when we officially open up the portal on February 14.”

The district has already mailed informational letters to parents of students in grades 4-12 so they can sign up for a Parent Portal account. Click here for a copy of the letter or here for a tutorial [PDF files].

Below are some frequently asked Parent Portal questions (and their answers!). If you have any other questions, please send an e-mail message to:

What is Parent Portal?
Parent Portal is a web-based system that allows parents or guardians of students in grades 4-12 to access information about their children’s school progress, find out about assignments, track attendance records and contact teachers. It is an extension of SchoolTool, which is the district’s current student data management system.

What information can be viewed?
Demographic information, attendance records, grades, quarterly reports and report cards. If teachers post assignments or syllabus materials, parents can also see that information.

Why is Parent Portal available only for grades 4-12?
The curriculum and grading systems for students in grades K-3 lend themselves better to a system which teachers are having direct and consistent daily communication exchanges with parents using notes, backpack newsletters, phone calls and e-mails.

How do I log in to the new Parent Portal?
First, you’ll need a valid e-mail address and then you can request access to the Parent Portal section of SchoolTool. Click here to see the letter sent home to parents, which includes instructions for signing up [PDF]. If you’ve already set up an account, please click here to view a tutorial [PDF]. Remember, Parent Portal will be available beginning Monday, February 14, 2011.

What if I encounter problems using Parent Portal?
Please send an e-mail describing the issue to: The district’s Computer Services Department staff will assist you.

What Internet browser does Parent Portal work best in?
Parent Portal is designed to work in all browsers, though tends to perform slightly better in Internet Explorer 6 or greater.

What equipment or software is needed to use Parent Portal?
You’ll need to use a computer that has access to the Internet. For some documents, you may also need Adobe Reader, which is a free document reader available for download on the Internet at

Can students get a Parent Portal account?
No, but they can view the information with their parents/guardians.

How do you handle lost or forgotten passwords?
You can reset your password on the SchoolTool/Parent Portal homepage or have a forgotten password e-mailed to you.

What can I do if I see that my child has received a low grade on an assignment?
Talk to your child about the assignment. You can also contact the teacher about the work and come up with strategies for helping your child get back on track.

What if I see an incorrect grade when viewing Parent Portal information?
You can e-mail your child’s teacher or call the Student Services Center at (518) 695-3255, ext. 2239.

Who can I speak with about my children’s attendance record?
You can call the Elementary School attendance office at (518) 695-3255, ext. 1225 or the Jr.-Sr. High School attendance office at (518) 695-3255, ext. 2233.

What if I need to update personal information (phone numbers, address, etc.)?
Please call the building your child attends. The phone number for the Elementary School main office is (518) 695-3255, ext. 1224; the number for the Jr.-Sr. High School main office is (518) 695-3255, ext. 2232.